Le joli mai (Chris Marker, 1963) 

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"The absence of a sign is always the sign of an absence, and the absence of the E in A Void announces a broader, cannily coded discourse on loss, catastrophe, and mourning. Perec cannot say the words père [“father”], mère [“mother”], parents [“parents”], famille [“family”] in his novel, nor can he write the name Georges Perec. In short, each “void” in the novel is abundantly furnished with meaning, and each points toward the existential void that Perec grappled with throughout his youth and early adulthood. A strange and compelling parable of survival becomes apparent in the novel, too, if one is willing to reflect on the struggles of a Holocaust orphan trying to make sense out of absence, and those of a young writer who has chosen to do without the letter that is the beginning and end of écriture [“writing”].”

—Warren Motte

Venomous Bites in Society and Culture

"Cleopatra, one character in an Arthur Conan Doyle story; what do these characters have in common? These are fictional characters that have died of venomous bites that could be found within a short internet search. What else do they have in common? They did not possess this fantastic book on venom and antidotes. Mistake number one. This book is really good you guys. It’s questionable whether or not fictional characters created after this book can die of venomous bites. We believe readers would find it unrealistic."

—Book on Venom and Antidotes,Adventure Time

Illusory Pardons for Anton Vowl

a Japan without kimonos,

a smoking boa constrictor on a curling rink,

a flamboyant black man,

a shrill cry of nudity in a plain song, 

a kindly scorpion,

10 bankrupt tycoons spitting on a stack of gold coins,

a gloating sorrow,

a simoon in a long Finnish corridor,

a profound cotton hanky:

that’s what could rid our world of Anton Vowl…

a hippy cardinal shouting out an anti-Catholic slogan,

a razor for citrus fruits,

a raid on a trio of British bandits by a Royal Mail train,

a straight compass,

a man’s tummy-button from which a volcano spouts forth,

a land only natal by adoption,

a twilit balcony supporting a lunatic who has lost an arm,

a crucifix without a Christ,

a sisal pissing Chardonnay for magicians without cloaks;

that’s what would function as a pardon for Anton Vowl…

a farrago without fustian,

a looking glass dull from a tiny, not spiny, fish,

autumnal grazing,

a myriad of billows tolling in from a promontory,

a faithful old hunting-gun,

a whitish burn, a body without body, a world without war,

an illusory omission,

that’s what would stop Anton Vowl from dying…

but how to construct it all in just that instant in which is

                                                             born a Void?


Kazimir Malevich


Along the trails at the MN Landscape Arboretum.


Naum Gabo - From the Opus series (1950-73)


Wassily Kandinsky - Black Lines (1924)


Wassily Kandinsky - Black Lines (1924)